Class 9


Meeting with the project client

  • Ask questions we have about the data the system will manage
  • Finalize high-level system requirements: what features the system must have. For each feature, validate the kind of data that the end-user and system exchange.

Concluding Sprint One

  • System development documents: RAD, SDD, ODD
  • Codebase and version control: php, sql, and docs branches, sprint tags
  • UNHM URC and GRC: poster abstracts
  • Research project outlines

Starting Sprint Two

  • Schedule individual conference times
  • Log tasks in Asana
  • Sequence diagrams for db-control and view-control object interactions involving supertype-subtype relationships in the database.
  • Sprint version control schedule: last commit, release tag.

Due next class

Second week-long sprint produces P5. P5 artifacts (code, documents, and models) represent the final outcomes of the project’s first iteration. P5 artifacts are made available in the repository and project wiki for in-class review.

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