Class 8


  • Unit testing for the application domain classes: preliminary tests for Donor and Individual.
  • Version control: tagging, branching, and merging
  • Database subsystem: database normalization process using the user view of the current system (Excel file of end-user)
  • Project management: six sprints, three project iterations, UNH URC and GRC poster presentation, final presentations.
  • Asana overview


Team members report on H6 (P3) status. Task assignments are discussed and made for the first project iteration.

Outside class activities

Next two sprints produce first project iteration. Each sprint is one-week long. P4 is due at the end of sprint one, P5 at the end of sprint two.

Due next week is P4. On the P4 page in your online portfolio have:

  • Self-evaluation of the sprint work
  • Status report summary
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