Class 5


  • Requirements and analysis: functional requirements, use case descriptions, use case model diagram, application domain classes, and database conceptual (analysis) model.
  • Database subsystem design: database relations, database relational model, database schema, database queries and database subsystem services.
  • Manage donors use case
  • Application logic subsystem: database modules (PHP scripts) and their interfaces


  • Meeting with the DONATE project’s sponsor
    • Requirements gathering session
    • Drawing of the flow of events for the “add donor and donation” use case
  • Donald Lobo presents CiviCRM open source community project presentation: overview, tools, q&a
  • DONATE meeting: P2 status report and P3 tasks
  • Unit testing illustration with SimpleTest
  • Issue tracking demonstration

Outside class activities

Do R5 and H5 reading and homework assignment.

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