Class 2


Development tools, codebase organization and version control, programming skills in PHP and SQL, analysis models, use case model, analysis object model, MVC architectural pattern.


  • Scott presents the development platform for the class projects: XAMPP and Eclipse components, Apache and PHP configuration files and settings, Xdebug installation and configuration.
  • John uses the MVC example in the Food Material Costing project to give a PHP tour and explain why we care about MVC, what MVC looks like, and how it can be scaled with OO to an entire code base.
  • Matt gives a DONATE tour that covers codebase organization, SQL coding, and the analysis models of the project.
  • Voyager team introduces the system features and data model.
  • Presentations entail lively discussions!

Outside class activities

Do R2 and H2 reading and homework assignment.

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