Class 13


Concluding Sprint Five
  • URC/GRC poster presentations on Wed. Apr 25th, 3 to 6 pm.
  • Sprint review: one-on-one conferences

Starting Sprint Six

  • Database subsystem: donation with subtypes monetary and inkind; monetary is parent table of payment; design of multiple donation-line instances for each donation instance; subtypes monetary, inkind, and giftcard inherit from donation-line.
  • Application logic subsystem: donors and donations mockups (css and html from sprint four) are implemented in PHP; view donors by individual, organization, or all; link donor name to edit selected donor; search donor by last name or name; view donations for selected donors; view donations by month or all.
  • RAD Proposed System has functional requirements and use cases for manage donations.
  • SDD Database Subsystem has entity and relationship definitions for current implementation and near-future design.
  • ODD features development tool settings and coding conventions.
  • Staging of individual releases captures release-dependent database configuration.

Due next class

Sixth week-long sprint produces P9 and research report draft. All P9 artifacts are made available in the code base repository and project wiki. On your P9 page have the self-evaluation of the sprint work and a project status report. The status report summarizes Asana tasks and point to where the artifacts are (URL of relevant commits and latest wiki history revisions).

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