Class 12


Concluding Sprint Four

  • Sprint review
    • System user interface design (Balsamiq wireframes): donations and donors management activities
    • Subsystem implementations: storage subsystem, application logic subsystem, help subsystem
    • RAD, SDD and ODD status
    • Source code documentation: file comment template and SVN keyword expansion; model and db-control classes and functions.

Starting Sprint Five

  • Project management: log tasks in Asana
  • System Design Document (SDD): storage subsystem and help subsystem
  • Requirements Analysis Document (RAD): functional requirements specification, use case coverage, mockups (wireframes) illustration.
  • Source code documentation
  • Subsystem implementation
  • Unit testing
  • Usability testing

Due next class

Fifth week-long sprint produces P8 and final research proposal. P8 artifacts are made available in the repository and project wiki. On your P8 page have the self-evaluation of the sprint work and a project status report. The status report should summarize Asana tasks and point to where the artifacts are.

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