R5 and H5

Reading Assignment R5

Homework Assignment H5


Next project iteration should have:

  • The cleanest code base for the “manage individual donor” feature: nothing more, nothing less.
  • Properly documented source code.
  • Unit tests for application domain classes Donor, Individual, and Organization should be completed.
  • Updated repository structure: trunk and two branches (phpbranch and sqlbranch). The revision obtained before next class should mark our first release of alpha-kind of code.
  • SQL code for the three entities used in the PHP code: donor, individual, and organization. dbInstall.php should reflect the updated database schema.
  • Requirements and Analysis Document draft in the project wiki with two sections completed: Overview and Current System.

Work products

  • Project status report (4 points)
  • Class forum posts and issues filed with the Google Code issue tracker (1 point)
  • Self-evaluation (1 point).

These artifacts are due BEFORE class start time, 5:30 PM.

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