R4 and H4

Reading Assignment R4

  • Read in chapter 4 the sections 4.1 Architectural Patterns and 4.2 Layers, Cohesion, and Coupling
  • Read in chapter 5 the section 5.3 Testing and 5.4 Debugging
  • Read chapter 6, Developing the Domain Classes
  • CIS705/805 Class Notes
  • OpenComputing pages on Eclipse PHP, Xdebug, PHP, Doxygen, SimpleTest

Homework Assignment H4


  • A quick review of some of the tasks were discussed at the end of the class.
  • Clarification of tasks is done on the class forum.
  • Each student makes a question post for which the response lists the tasks to be assumed.
  • The tasks are reviewed by peers who can improve the response.
  • The instructor confirms the tasks in the response she provides.

Work products

Project status report (4 points)

Write a status report and upload it to your portfolio prior to class. In essence, it answers two questions: what tasks you have completed and what artifacts you have produced.

Class forum participation (1 point)

Question and note posts, follow-up discussions, and other class forum contributions are due by Wednesday night.

Self-evaluation (1 point)

Reflect on how you prepared for class this week. Write a self-evaluation by Wednesday night. Your self-evaluation is graded for clarity and completeness.

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