R3 and H3

Reading Assignment R3

  • Review in chapter 3 the following sections: 3.2.2 The Software Stack and 3.2.3 The Version Control System
  • Read in chapter 5: 5.1 Bad smells and metrics and 5.2 Refactoring.
  • Read CIS705/805 Class Notes on the OpenITWare wiki.

Homework Assignment H3


The following roles are being assigned this week:

  • Configuration manager
  • Wiki manager
  • Source code documentation manager
  • System architect
  • Storage subsystem architect
  • Application logic subsystem architect
  • SQL developer
  • PHP developer
  • analyst/designer
  • Release engineer
  • Product manager

Each student will assume more than one role. Role assignments and role responsibilities are being made on the class forum.

Work products

Project status report (4 points)

Write a status report and upload it to your portfolio. In essence, it answers two questions: what tasks you have completed and what artifacts you have produced.

Class forum participation (1 point)

If we study for this class outside class period, then we should hear it! Reading and thinking in isolation is necessary. Nobody else can do it for us. But it’s not sufficient for achieving the best learning. People learn when they answer questions, ask guiding questions when others don’t have good answers, follow-up with clarifications, etc. Whether it’s graded or not, it’s good to talk! Human, too.

There is no set of MCQ concept tests for the assigned reading this time. I’ll make question posts and expect everybody to answer, improve an answer, and ask additional questions.

Self-evaluation (1 point)

Reflect on how you prepared for class this week. Write a self-evaluation by Monday night. Your self-evaluation is graded for clarity and completeness.

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