R2 and H2

Reading Assignment R2

  • Read chapter 2 and 3.
  • Read the OpenComputing wiki articles on XAMPP, Eclipse PHP, Xdebug, Google Code, TortoiseSVN.

Homework Assignment H2

Work products

Reading Q&A

“Chapter 2-3 Questions” post in the class forum has a list of multiple-choice questions that test your understanding of the Ch 2 and 3 reading.

  • Write your answers and justifications to the posted questions and your own questions. Add your write-up to the H2 self-evaluation page.
  • Post one of the questions to the class forum and provide your answer with justification.
  • Post a follow-up discussion to one of your peers’ reading question and answer.
Practical experience
  • Install Eclipse for PHP with Xdebug
  • Download and install RMH Homebase project
  • Study the RMH codebase
  • Experiment with Xdebug on the RMH codebase.

If you encounter roadblocks, make a question post. If you don’t encounter any roadblocks and everything goes perfectly, pick the most critical aspect from this activity, and make a note post that share a piece of advice.

Class forum

Question and note posts, follow-up discussions, and other class forum contributions due by Wednesday night count towards 25% of the homework grade.


Your self-evaluation is graded for clarity and completeness. Its due Wednesday night and counts towards 25% of the homework grade.

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