R1 and H1

Reading Assignment R1

Read chapter 1 in the textbook.

Homework Assignment H1


  • “Chapter 1 Questions” post in the class forum has a list of multiple-choice questions that test your understanding of the Ch 1 reading. You are asked to answer these questions and justify your answers. You are also asked to add your own multiple-choice questions that help with learning key concepts.
  • Install XAMPP on your computer. Read and critique instructions provided in the XAMPP wiki article in the OpenComputing wiki.

Work products

Reading Q&A

Write your answers and justifications to the posted questions and your own questions. Add your write-up to the H1 self-evaluation page.

Class forum

Make at least three useful contributions to the class forum by Wednesday night. Forum participation is graded for usefulness and completeness.


Reflect on how you prepared for class this week. Write a self-evaluation by Wednesday night using the self-evaluation template under “Assessment” on this site. Your self-evaluation is graded for clarity and completeness.

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