Self-Evaluation Template

A self-evaluation is a Google Site page in your portfolio. The page name includes the number of the assignment for which you evaluate your work. The page content has six items: outcomes, participation, time on task, lessons learned, and grade.

  1. Evaluate the outcomes of your week-long work committed to the assignment.

    Did everything that was assigned or did well on all requirements is not OK. Reflect on whether you understand the new concepts, still have difficulty with some techniques, and have the skills to apply concepts and use techniques in new contexts. Be specific regarding particular outcomes you achieved or had difficulty achieving.

  2. Evaluate your collaboration and communication with class peers, team members (if work was done in pair or team), and instructor.

    There wasn’t much going on in Piazza is not OK. Think of your interactions in both face-to-face and online situations. To make sure you are specific, give at least one particular example that illustrates a particular instance of collaboration and/or communication.

  3. How much time did you spend preparing for this class?

    A fuzzy characterization, such as a lot or not so much is not OK. A number is absolutely required. Use the pomodoro technique (watch Greg Head’s video)and keep track of how many pomodoros during the week you allocated to this class.

  4. What challenges did you face with this assignment’s activities and how did you address them?

    No challenge or nothing to say is not ok. If there are no challenges to report on, then describe what required most of your attention or time and why.

  5. What lessons have you learned from this assignment’s activities?

    No lesson is not OK. There must be outcomes from your learning that you can use in an interview or can help with an IT project, for example. What are they?

  6. How do you grade your work?

    Using the criteria in the Homework Assignment Evaluation Rubric, what grade does your assignment deserve?

In your page, write answers for all the six items above. Your answers must be in full sentences that are specific, clear, and checked for grammatical and style errors.

Failing to write a self-evaluation lowers assignment grade by 25%.

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